Butterfly Pose -How To Do Bound Angle Pose-Badhakonasana


Butterfly Pose , Bound angle pose or Badhakonasan, and are some different names for this yoga pose. Badhakonasana consists of three words: Badha means Bound, Kon means Angle, and Asana means Pose. Badhakonasana is a modern version of the ancient Bhadrasana yoga pose. Here Bhadra means Throne, and Asana means Pose, also called throne pose.

Now you must be wondering about the name Cobbler pose. A cobbler usually sits in a butterfly pose while doing work, also called a cobbler pose. Now, why is it named a butterfly yoga pose too? Well, the answer is in the question. While doing the Pose, your legs will look like a flapping butterfly having wings. That’s it.

The bound angle pose is a meditation pose and is helpful to cope with stiff hips due to excessive sitting on jobs. The Pose also helps to reduce stress and anxiety and increase calmness and concentration levels in the body. Butterfly pose provides a stretch to the hip flexors, whole hip area and inner thighs. It also stretches the lower back extensors.

butterfly pose or Badhakonasan



Badhakonasana Or Butterfly Pose Benefits

Strengthen Pelvic Region

Sitting down while bending knees and feet towards the pelvic region allows the pelvic area to get more blood, and movement results in a robust pelvic area. It stretches the pelvic muscles and makes them more vital than ever. The butterfly pose for women is blessed. It helps to cope with all women’s diseases. From menstrual discomfort to menopause symptoms, it only cures all the conditions in one Pose.

Butterfly pose in pregnancy

As I mentioned above, it works amazingly for pregnant women. The butterfly yoga pose is fully secured and safe for pregnant women. It is to be done for smooth or regular delivery of the women. The reason behind it is the same. As it strengthens the pelvic area, it makes every muscle more muscular, which helps during the delivery of women. It also helps to release the stiffness from the back, hip and thighs, usually during pregnancy.

Cope Stress, Anxiety and Headaches

Badhakonasana pose helps to provide inner awareness and calmness as it is a meditation pose. The Pose focuses on concentration after making the Pose. The practitioner sits with a focusing mind between the eyebrows. It helps to sit for a more extended period. The more you go deep into the meditation, the more it helps connect you to the inner world of spirituality and divine knowledge, making your mind more calm and inner. The Pose activates Parasympathetic Nervous System, It results in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, migraine, or headaches.

Stretching Hip

The butterfly pose not only helps to release the tightened hip tissues but also maintains our bowel movement. Providing stretch to the back and hip opens up the stiffed cores of the targeted area and makes them effective. It helps in hips and increases flexibility in the groin, inner thighs and knees.

Tonic For The Body

The butterfly poses not only helps in stretching and mind wellness but it aids the functioning of the body. It improves the kidney’s filtration. It helps to cope with high blood pressure, infertility, and Asthma. It helps in the nervous system and any problem such as menstrual discomfort, Uneven periods, Impotence and even erectile dysfunction. So the butterfly pose has immense benefits and acts as a tonic for the human body.

How To Do Badhakonasana (Butterfly Pose )

1.Sit on the floor with legs stretched.

2.Keep torso,neck and head straight out

3.Straighten your spine and back back properly

4.Bend your knees, and hold your feet soles facing to each other

5.Bring the soles towards the pelvic region and try to touch the soles with each other

6.To make the stretch more intense, try to move the feet close to the hip

7.Take a deep breath and put gently pressure on your knees and thighs so it could touch downward to the floor side

8.Now flap the legs up and down as butterfly do.Start slowly and keep increasing the speed until you feel comfort

9.You may stay in the butterfly position too if you want ( don’t flap in this case ). Hold the position for at least 2 minute and release

  1. While staying in the posture. Close your eyes and focus between the eyebrows with erected spine and torso.Be in the position for 5 minute at least

KeyNotes In Bound Angle Pose

  1. Keep the spine erect and torso straight upward direction
  2. Sit upon a folded blanket or a cushion to tilt the pelvis forward
  3. Avoid butterfly pose if you have groin or knee concerns.
  4. sciatica patients or people having lower back injuries or disorders must avoid the Pose

When performing the Butterfly Pose, paying attention to your breathing is essential. It’s also important to consult with your doctor if you’re pregnant. In addition, if you have an injury in your back or leg, it’s a good idea to consult a physician before doing any yoga poses.

One tip for beginners is to start slowly and lower your knees; This may not be easy if you’re not used to yoga. If your knees begin to hurt, stop the Pose and use a cushion. If you’re already dealing with knee pain, consult your doctor before starting a yoga practice.

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