Chandra Namaskar Moon Salutation Benefits, Steps & 14 Pose


What is Chandra Namaskar ? Chandra Namaskar is a vigorous yoga asana of yoga science like Surya Namaskar Yoga. It is a yoga that keeps our body cool. Yoga helps us monitor opponents’ strengths to make our lives healthy and balanced. According to Hath Yoga, this force is found in us. Solar energy is warm, … Read more

Effect Of Yoga For Better Digestion-5 Great Reasons to Try Yoga

Effect Of Yoga For Better Digestion – Abdominal fullness, cramps, and belching are never fun. They aren’t only embarrassing and can be pretty uncomfortable, too. If you have been dealing with these issues for quite some time, here’s the good news. With its calming and stimulating effects, yoga can help you deal with those issues without … Read more