Lizard Pose Yoga- How To Do & Benefits – Utthan Pristhasan

lizard pose

The lizard pose is the forward bend position pose, also known as Gecko Pose. In Sanskrit, the lizard pose is called Utthan Pristhasana. Here Utthan means to get stretched, Pristha means body’s back, and asana is called pose. Lizard pose is best for those who want to get stretched to their hip flexors, hamstrings, shoulders, … Read more

Butterfly Pose -How To Do Bound Angle Pose-Badhakonasana

  Butterfly Pose , Bound angle pose or Badhakonasan, and are some different names for this yoga pose. Badhakonasana consists of three words: Badha means Bound, Kon means Angle, and Asana means Pose. Badhakonasana is a modern version of the ancient Bhadrasana yoga pose. Here Bhadra means Throne, and Asana means Pose, also called throne … Read more