Cow Face Pose Yoga For Beginners (Gomukhasana)

Cow face pose, also called gomukhasana, helps stretch the body, including ankles, arms, shoulders, and hips. The Gomukhasana is a Sanskrit word that means Cow’s face. In this asana, we pose like Cows. But the asana is not easy as it seems. It needs time and dedication to perform. But if you can do it, it has various benefits too. For example, it helps to release tightened stress muscles. If you practice holding your breath along the Gomukhasana pose, it will act as a super boost to your health.

The cow face pose must come between the middle of the yoga or in the last sets only because the body needs to be warmed up before doing so. It doesn’t need an instructor or teacher, but if you find difficulty, you must take a professional’s assistance. Another key point to note is that you must keep your back and head straight while performing. Here are some benefits of performing a Cow face pose.

cow face pose

Benefits Of Doing The Gomukhasana Pose:-

  • Cow face pose (gomukhasana) opens knee joints


  • It opens the hip and makes the spine more flexible


  • Help enhance the digestion mechanism


  • Support our reproductive system


  • Opens up the chest, hence strengthening your heart

How To Perform Cow Face Pose ?

  • Sit on the mat, get your right ankle and make it cross underneath your left leg, and take the foot to the outside of your left hip.


  • Now do the same thing on another side ( with the left ankle)


  • Check if your feet are in line or not. If not, then try to inline.


  • Stretch the right arm up with the palm facing inwards


  • Take the left arm out to the left with the palm facing back.


  • Bend both of the elbows and start waving your left hand up towards the nape of the neck


  • Grasp your finger, which is behind your back


  • If you don’t reach your fingers, you may also try to grasp your shirt or use any strap.


  • Pull the elbows back. While doing so, pull the lower ribs in


  • Now stay in the position and take a deep breath, hold it and slowly exhale the breath.

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Keynotes In Cow Face Pose

  • If you find any difficulty in your hip, sit on the edge of a cushion or wooden block but if you still find a problem, do it under a professional’s supervision.


  • The pose needs shoulder rotation, So if you have any injury or surgery near to shoulder area, better to avoid


  • If your fingertips don’t get grasped, then use your t-shirt or strap to hold


  • Keep head and spine straight upright.


  • Immediately release the position if you feel discomfort in the shoulder, knees, or legs.

Variation In Gomukhasana Pose

You may try the variation on the cow pose . If you find it easy or comfortable, you can fold the body forward so the stretch can go a little more intense. But note that keep weight on your sitting bones but not your knees.For other variations you may try Hero Pose, Virasana, Child Pose, Utthita Balasana Dandasana

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