Dhanurasana Pose Benefits -(How To Do Ardhva Bow Pose)

  • NowUpward facing bow pose, also called Dhanurasana, is similar to back bend. Bow pose is the ultimate yoga pose to open up your chest and get stretched by lifting your torso upside, It gives intense stretch to your chest, and in Ayurveda, it is said that if you stretch your chest wider, it means you are making your heart stronger.

The pose gives you deep backbend stretch and makes the spine more flexible. It doesn’t only make the spine and heart stronger but stretches your hamstring and hip flexors too. If you have an office job where you have to sit for hours n hours, then try this bow pose.   

Benefits Of Dhanurasana

  • Opens the chest, which makes the heart stronger 


  • Stimulate abdominal organs 


  • Deep stretch to the spine, hip, and back 


  • Increase the flexibility of the body, especially for those who are having stiffness in back 


  • Stimulates adrenal glands


  • Increase blood flow in the digestive system


  • Help with menstrual irregularities in women  

How To Perform Bow Pose ?

  • To begin with, lie on the ground on your belly


  • Please put your hands to your side, open your palm and face them upside 


  • Bend the knees and hold your ankles with your hands. Fingers should be around your ankles but not the thumb.


  • Now try to bring your heels as close to your buttocks. 


  • Hold your ankles with your hands and lift your chest as much you can along your thigh.


  • Here core of the body must touch the floor while the rest of body lifted upside. 


  • Now look straight, hold the position and inhale a deep breath.


  • Exhale your breath and release the pose slowly by releasing your ankles and lying back on the floor again.

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Keynotes in Dhanurasana ( Bow pose)

Don’t hold the top of your feet. Always grab the ankle because it is the safest part while doing bow pose; if you hold your feet, the chances of getting slipped are higher; hence it may lead to an injury. 

The warm-up season is required before performing the pose (especially back poses )

Place a blanket underneath your pelvis area if you feel any discomfort 

Release the pose safely because exiting or starting the pose is the most complex time, which may lead to cramps or injury if ignored. 

Whom Shouldn’t Try Bow Pose 

  • The pose shouldn’t practice by people suffering from blood pressure disease.


  • Pregnant women, people having recent surgery, or migraine patient must avoid doing dhanurasana


  • If you have obesity and medical history related to your back 

You may use a yoga strip to ease grabbing your ankles, or you can use a towel too. If you still find it difficult to grab your ankles, you should take the assistance of your partner, friend, or anyone near you. 

Ardhva Dhanurasana ( Half Bow Pose )

Ardhva Dhanurasana is a Sanskrit word that means half bow pose. It’s an advanced-level yoga pose. If you are easy with upward facing bow pose, then i will recommend you to try Ardhva Dhanurasana. For this, you need to 

1. Laying flat on your stomach on a mat with your legs together

2. Move your chin to the floor and make a palm face down

3. Lift your shoulder; press your forearm into the floor in front of you 

4. Bend your right knee and make sure that your toes positioned towards your head 

5. Hold your left ankle with your left hand and pull your ankle towards the back 

6. Now have some breath and then slowly release the position 

7. Repeat the process on another side of the leg in the same way 

So yogis, here are some tips and processes. If you want to pursue Dhanurasana or bow, pose for beginners. But if you are at an advanced stage, you may try Ardhva Dhanurasana too. That’s all for now. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding upward facing bow pose. Please let me know in the comment section.


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