Garudasana – Eagle Pose

Garudasana – Eagle Pose

Introduction :

Garudasana it is derived from the combination of the Sanskrit words Garuda(Eagle or king of the birds in Hindu Mythology) andasana (posture or pose). The reason for the name Garudasana is, this pose resembles the position of the downward facing dog.  It is called as Eagle Posein English.

Preparatory poses for Garudasana are Vriksasana and AdhoMukhaShvanasana; and the  Follow-up poses are Utkatasana, Vriksasana and Gomukhasana

Steps Involved:

  1. Start by forming Tadasana.
  2. Slightly Bend your knees and lift the left foot up to cross it over the right one.
  3. Make sure that right foot is placed on the floor and the left thigh is over the right thigh.
  4. Bring your hands parallel to the floor
  5. Cross the right arm over the left one and bend your elbows.
  6. Make sure that your arms are now perpendicular to the floor.
  7. Back of the hands should face each other.
  8. Slowly turn your hands to face the palms each other.
  9. Stretch the fingers upwards and press the palms gently.
  10. Try to keep the balance
  11. Stay calm and focused
  12. Hold this position for few seconds
  13. Slowly exit the pose by releasing the hands and the legs
  14. Come back into Tadasana.
  15. Do all the above steps with the opposite side.


  • Strengthens the calves and Ankles.
  • Opens back of pelvis, creates space between shoulder blades.
  • Improves balance of the body.
  • Gives the good Stretches to the hips, ankles, shoulders, Thigh, calves and the Upper back.
  • It can loosen the joints of the legs.
  • Helps alleviate sciatica and rheumatism.
  • Increase the flexibility of the legs and hips.
  • Strengthen the muscles of the legs.
  • Improves concentration.
  • Helps to reduce Asthma, Low backache and Sciatica.
  • Makes legs, knees and ankles strong.

Dos, Don’ts and Tips:

People with the following problem please avoid practising this pose, or practise under the expert’s supervisions and doctor’s advice.

  • Wrist problems
  • Recent knee Injury
  • Ankle problems
  • Elbow injury
  • Arm Injury
  • Hip problems

Practise this yoga daily, will yield the better results.

It’s good to do this pose in the morning with empty stomach.

Beginners may find difficult to stand alone with one leg and twisted hands. Those people can use the support until get proficient.

It is always advisable to practise under the expert’s guidance.