Half Moon Pose Yoga (Ardha Chandrasana)

Half Moon Pose Yoga is also known as Ardha Chandrasana. It will check your ability to balance. It is an advanced standing posture that builds up and strengthens muscles. The name Half moon pose is derived from the Sanskrit word “Ardha” which means “half” and “Chandra” which means “moon”. The Half moon pose is standing and balancing posture. Before performing this posture one must know the fundamentals of yoga as we know it is an intermediate pose.

half moon pose

Half Moon Pose is the best way to build focus and concentration, but only when practiced regularly. In this asana, one needs to stand on one leg parallel to the ground, while using one arm to reach for the ground and the other toward the sky. Ardha Chandrasna is not suggested for those who have not strengthened to balance in a standing pose. It originates from the traditional form of yoga which known as ‘Hath Yoga’.

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Benefits of Half Moon Pose:

  • Moon pose is good for power and strengthens both legs.


  • Helps in enhancing coordination and focus.


  • It improves core strength and balance ability.


  • It can be beneficial for a tight hamstring.


  • This pose firms and stretches the ankle and thighs.


  • strengthen abdomen, buttocks, and spine


  • Open up chest and Shoulder.


  • Reduce anxiety and depression.


  • Relieves stress.

How to practice Ardha Chandrasan? (Half Moon Pose)

1. Begin in an extended Triangle with your left foot forward.

2. Put your right hand on your hip and turn your head to look at the floor.

3. Bend down your front leg and put your weight into your front foot.

4. Outstretch your front hand forward and put it on the mat.

5. Press your fingers down to steady yourself.

6. Lift your back leg till your thigh is parallel to the floor.

7. Gradually turn your chest to the right side, twisting your torso and hips. Stretch your top hand to the ceiling.

8. Slightly bend your legs so you don’t hyper extend your knees.

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Half Moon Pose Using A Chair :

half moon pose

To make the most comfortable and easier on your lower back, practice this posture with your forearm on the base of the chair.

Lift your leg as up as you can easily do without pushing your body. Do it comfortably and with ease.

Few tips for beginners:

If you have a problem touching the floor, you can take support of a block. Start only when you are comfortable or steady.


Before performing the pose you must be aware of the limitations. Pregnant women should avoid it. The one who is suffering from insomnia and headache should avoid so. If you have any injury in your rib cage, hip, spine, and hamstring must not practice it.

If you have undergone any recent surgery or have weak bones and a history of heart ailment then you must follow the pose. A person with a neck injury is also not advised to do it. If you have undergone hips, knees or ankle replacement surgery, in such case avoid performing half moon pose.


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