Hero Pose or Virasana Yoga – Complete How To Do Guide

Hero pose makes you a hero =D. How does that sound? Well, that’s true. Virasana yoga pose is best to stretch your ankles, thighs, legs, and knees. Its a simple posture but top-notch ineffectiveness on your body

In Sanskrit, Virasana means Vir= Hero and Asana means Posture. The posture is also known as hero pose because word ”hero” resembles the one who always prefers balancing life and its power, powers refer to your ability to do your work.

Virasana is an ancient pose made for concentration while taking deep breathing. Hero pose is a seated pose and can pursue easily even if you are beginner. It keeps the spine aligned and improves flexibility.

The pose is mainly for spiritual enhancement. One can sit in this position and focus between your eyebrows. It helps to relax the whole body and provides calmness to your mind. Regular practice can lead to deep meditation after some while.

There are many variations of hero poses that must be done by the intermediate or professionals only but here we are explaining only for beginners. This pose must be practiced in the morning time with an empty stomach or if you want to practice it in the evening, make sure to keep your stomach empty at-least for two hours

Benefits of Virasana ( Hero Pose )

1. Powerful pose for meditating while challenging your knees and ankles

2. Reduce stiffness in legs and hip flexors.

3. Hero pose improves the posture and supports the arches of the feet

4. Calm the whole body and makes you free from continuous random thoughts

5. Stimulate belly region hence Improving digestion and increasing blood circulation in the lower area

6. Improves diseases like Asthma and menopause

7. Activates the Swadishthana Chakra that is responsible for sexual activity, hence helpful in many pelvis region’s diseases

8. Gives you emotional balance and self-awareness

hero pose or virasana

How To Do Hero Pose ?

1. Start to begin with kneeling on the mat with your thighs perpendicular to the mat and keep your knees together

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2. Keep your body straight and touch the knees together, now expand your feet a bit more than your hip

3. Keep your feet flat on the mat and press the tops of the feet down on the floor side

4. Exhale the breath and try to sit on your buttocks in a halfway manner so that your buttock is placed between the gap of your feet and placed

5. Put weight equally on both sit bones so that pressure would release equally on both

6. Your shoulder blades must be away from your back ribs and from your ears.

7. Lay down your hands on your lap facing your palm down to the lap

8.Sit in this position for at least 5 minutes, But if you are not able to do then try for a minimum of 2 minutes

9. Try to meditate with deep inhale and exhales

10. While releasing the hero pose, keep your palm on the mat, lift your buttock area, cross your ankles and sit back. Now straighten your legs and repeat after taking a pause

Keynotes in Virasana Pose

1. People suffering from high blood pressure, ankle, or knee injury must avoid doing the virasana pose

2. If you having a headache, avoid the pose

3. Keep your weight equally on both sit bones

4. Use a folded blanket, block, or towel if your ankles become painful in the hero pose

5. If you feel pain in your knees, release the pose

6. Keep your thighs inward and feet to your hip side

If you are having trouble while performing Virasana, you may get your friend/partner’s help stretching your spine. Hero pose also helps in stretching your knees and spine in great way and increases mobility. It is the simple and best yoga pose to increase inner peace and calmness in the body. Though you may see the delay in the result but only patience is required in Hero pose to get change in your physical and psychological space

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