Master Puppy Pose – How To Perform Uttana shishosana

Puppy pose which is also called Uttana Shishosana is a Sanskrit word therefore “Uttana” means Intense and Shish means Puppy. As the name suggests, it is a deep backbend asana that helps to open up your heart and chest area intensely. The puppy pose or half dog pose is similar to the child pose in variation and is also called Melting Heart Pose in the yoga dictionary.

Extended Puppy Pose Exercise

You can do it by making a posture like a dog or a puppy because you might have seen when a dog gets stretched after sitting for a long while. The dog extends the entire body so intense therefore makes its body easy and free from tightness after prolonged sitting. The downward dog yoga pose helps us stretch our shoulders, back, spine, and heart but the best pose for coping with stress, anxiety or problem like insomnia. I want to say any disease related to the brain and the puppy dog yoga pose helps you to get relief from them. But how?

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How To Do Uttana Shishosana

Okay, Today let me tell you how the simple dog pose helps you in any chronic brain disease. In yoga, this is the belief that the brain is supreme organ in the whole body and handles all the major body functions. And what is the primary source of the brain’s diet? It is pure oxygenated blood. So when we perform a downward puppy pose along with deep breaths, it goes straight to the brain, hence more oxygenated blood to the brain. And when your brain gets enough oxygen and pure blood, its capability to perform increases. Hence it starts curing all the problem related to brain. Now let me show you other benefits of performing the Melting heart pose.

1.Stretch and opens up the shoulder, spine, back and heart region

2.Stretches and widen the heart region, So more blood to the heart

3.Brain tonic for mental health, as described above

4.Stimulates pelvic area region

5.Controls Blood pressure and hypertension


extended puppy pose

How To Do Extended Puppy Yoga Pose

1.Get on all fours. Look at your shoulders and hips. Move your hands forward a little bit and Curl your toes underneath.

2.Exhale slowly and move your buttocks halfway back towards your heels.

3.Don’t touch your elbows with the ground.

4.Move your head on the ground or mat. Make sure your neck is relaxed.

5.Press your hands down, and then stretch your arms outward direction, opening your chest and bending the back

6.Hold the position and try breathing for 30 seconds to a minute while in the posture.

7.Place your palms below your shoulders and try to push back towards the table position. 

Advanced puppy pose ( Variation )

  1. Put a cushion or blanket underneath the knees to protect them from injury.

2. If you are at an advanced level of puppy pose in yoga and want to get more deep stretch, try to touch your chin on the mat, stretching the spine more intensely.


puppy pose

Keynotes in Uttana shishosan

Injury, surgery to the knees patient must avoid this pose

Injured neck, arm, back, spine or shoulder patient must avoided the pose.

Being a beginner and have a problem touching your forehead on the floor, you may use a wooden block or any blanket under your forehead to ease yours.

Release the pose slowly and easy. Doing quick repetition may feel you vertigo or unwell for a while as a result of the sudden flow of blood back to your body.

After releasing the half dog pose, you must sit or lie on the ground before getting up.

The Uttana Shishosana pose is straightforward yet powerful yoga to back bend because it gives stretch to the whole back or spine and facilitates blood circulation in the body. However if you are going to try
The pose I would suggest you warm up before performing an extended puppy pose.

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