How To Open Third Eye Chakra Fast -A Full Step By Step Guide

Hello Yogis Today I want to talk to you today about how to open third eye chakra or the spiritual eye is like some people call it. Before I start let me explain to those of you who don’t know what exactly the spiritual eye is.

The spiritual eye which is also called the Christ center or the Ajna chakra also called sixth sense is located at this point between the eyebrows. The conciseness of every enlightened being is always centered at that point. I am sure you have noticed pictures or paintings of yogis and saints and how they are often depicted with their eyes looking upward. That’s because all their actions, thoughts, and perceptions originate from this point, they are always merged in the light, in the infinite bliss.

how to open third eye

As yogis and spiritual seekers, our life goal must be to get to this center and live with that conciseness.

The vision of the inner light comes in deep meditation. This light is beheld exactly there at the point between the eyebrows, with your spiritual eye. Once the vision of light in the forehead takes shape, once the mind get into deeply concentration , it becomes the single eye or the spiritual eye.

The spiritual eye is energetic chakra is not imaginary . Though not an physical part of the body but it connects with our pineal and pituitary glands in the brain. Third eye is something we see in deep meditation. You can only see it however when you are spiritually advanced and your thoughts are completely stilled.

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When the spiritual eye is beheld perfectly it looks like this. When is beheld perfectly it is seen like a ring of shining golden light surrounding a field of intense deep blue or violet color and in the center of this field shines a brilliant five-pointed silvery white star. In the beginning, you may see it imperfectly and it will look like a dim violet light with a faint circle around it and with an even fainter dot in the center.

By meditating at this point your conciseness will gradually rise until at last, it passes the portals of ordinary human awareness and you will finally enter a state of Divine ecstasy or super consciousness. In this state of ecstasy, your conciseness will penetrate the spiritual eye and you will enter the infinite blissful Divine realm which every spiritual seeker yearns so much for.

Problem People Facing About How To Open Third Eye Chakra.

    1. They don’t know how to meditate to quickly reach that Divine state.
    2. They keep living their lives full of anger, jealousy toward others, attachments, and many, many useless material desires.
    3. They don’t realize that the only everlasting fulfillment and happiness they have always been looking for, lies beyond that spiritual eye. In the infinite light of God.

Renounce all material attachments, spiritual indifference, and mental and moral weakness. Use your will to be prosperous, happy, gentle, and kind toward others, Exercising self-control, and above all Love God and meditating deeply until you contact Him.

To know how to open third eye or spiritual eye and merge in the infinite bliss which lies beyond the mortal frames of material existence you must first and foremost love God. The great yoga teacher Swami Sri Yukteshwar says a devotee can’t even put one foot in front of the other on the spiritual path without “the awakening of the natural love of the heart.”

I have always said it, I am always going to say it again. The yogis say; When the mind is still light will spontaneously appear.

How Brain Is Linking With Third Eye ?

how to open third eye

Okay let me tell you now, It is believed that there is ”Aagya Chakra” between our eyes and called third eye chakra. This is the point which controls the central energy of the body through pineal gland. This is the point through our intuition take places

It is scientifically proven that our body emits the frequency, same way our brain also emits the frequencies. There are three types of frequency which are ”’BETA”  ‘ALPHA” & ”GAMMA”. All the frequencies work in different ways

1.Beta Frequency emits from body when you experience anger, danger, feeling low, sad and anxiety

2.Alpha Frequency emits from body when we feel joy, laugh, relax and deep love, hence in result it release dopamine which known as ”hormones of happiness

Gamma frequency is the rarest wave which can only emits during ”SAMADHI” which is only possible with deep meditation

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How To Open Third Eye Chakra ?

1.To know how to open third eye chakra, do this simple but very powerful meditation;

2. Sit quietly and close your eyes now concentrate on the point between your eyebrows. Visualize a tunnel of golden light.

3.Mentally enter that tunnel and feel surrounded by a glorious sense of lightness happiness and freedom. As you move forward in this tunnel feel yourself bathed by a blissful light until all your restless thoughts of worry and attachments disappear.

4.Now expand your conciseness and merge into that light, into infinite freedom and bliss. Now visualize before you a silvery-white five-pointed star of light surrounded by a blue field and a golden halo around it . Surrender every thought, and every feeling into this star of absolute, ever-new bliss.

Mentally Affirmations to Open The Third Eye 

Affirmations are very powerful bunch of word which activate your sub- conscious mind to achieve something you always dream of. Affirmations are inevitable and believe me there is noting in the world which is not achievable with strong affirmations. So now Sit relax with concentration between your eye brows and chant affirmation below

  1. I am connecting to the wisdom of the Universe

  2. Aum Aum Aum Aum Aum Aum Aum

You may chant any religious word according to your religion if you are not comfortable with word ”AUM” . Love God, keep Him always in your thoughts, practice your sadhana, and live in joy.

What Does The Third Eye Do ?

If you get succeed open your third eye you may feel many spiritual and impossible experiences. With third eye you may experience

  1. You will able to go anywhere, any place at anytime called Telepathy
  2. You will start to know future and predict happenings in future
  3. Aura of the body starting expanding
  4. You will start receiving about you were dreaming for
  5. Out of body experience, you can go and come back to your body anytime.

How Long Does It Takes To Open Third Eye ?

As a matter of fact there is no specific answer of it . It may take a month to a year or a whole life. It all depends upon your daily routine, time, diet and dedication towards almighty. But i would suggest you to not to force yourself in meditation because forcing your self doesn’t result you. If you are a beginner, start doing it for 10 mins and then keep on increasing the time according to your experiences. Keep focusing the enjoy of doing meditation and try to connect with almighty.

Third Eye Opening Symptoms – How To Know ?

1.When you start experiencing the spiritual guidance in meditation or during sleep, it is the sign of third eye opening

2. When you predict something and it start happening

3.The senses becomes very active, it could be sense of smell, vision or taste

4. You may start experiencing high anger issues because of excessive energy of the body

5. You may feel mild headache between your AAGYA CHAKRA.

I hope you guys have found every answer of your question about how to open third eye. Third eye opening is not the easy process but if you keep practicing with full devotion and dedication, i bet you will slowly start feeling the experiences. So Yogis i shall stop here now. Please let me know if you have still have some question in your mind . Namaste

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