Lizard Pose Yoga- How To Do & Benefits – Utthan Pristhasan

The lizard pose is the forward bend position pose, also known as Gecko Pose. In Sanskrit, the lizard pose is called Utthan Pristhasana. Here Utthan means to get stretched, Pristha means body’s back, and asana is called pose.

Lizard pose is best for those who want to get stretched to their hip flexors, hamstrings, shoulders, arms, lower back, biceps, triceps, core (Abs), Psoas, and Gluteus Maximus. The routine practice helps improve the leg muscles and pelvic region’s flexibility.

Why Named Lizard Pose?

Have you ever seen a lizard crawling? When they crawl, the big giant legs come out of the body, pushing the body forward in a zig-zag position. Lizards have a great flexible upper body, and when the practitioner makes the pose by stretching its legs out, it seems like a stretched lizard.

Beginner Lizard Pose Yoga

While performing utthan pristhasana , the body needs to maintain balance. If you are a beginner, try to balance your body before jumping into this asana. If you are a practiced yogi, then the lizard pose is for you. But why?

Some studies prove that yoga is greatly helpful in activating the energy centers in the human body. Root chakra or sacral chakras are an example and immensely help to balance the three main elements of the body, which are ”Kapha”, ”Pitta”, and ”Dosha”.

It not only helps physically but also has mental effects too. It helps cope with stress, fatigue, anxiety and dopamine, also called ”Happy Hormones”. People having a problem with the reproduction system must give a try to lizard pose as it affects the lower abdomen area ( pelvic region).

lizard pose yoga

Benefits Of Lizard Pose – Utthan Pristhasana

1. Helps to stretch and open hamstrings, hips and hip flexors

2. Alleviate sciatica and helps to release the stiffness.

3. Great pose to challenge balancing and flexibility

4. Cop with stress and anxiety, helps release happy hormones

5. Open up the chest and shoulder and makes the inner thigh stronger

How To Perform Lizard Pose Yoga?

1. Start with all fours on the floor now inhale and pose in a downward dog position

2. Exhale, Starting from the right leg, place your right foot forward between both your hands.

3. Bring your foot as much as you can towards the forward side of your mat so your knee will be bent at 90 degrees on top of your heel

4. Facing both palms on the mat, put the weight on your elbows through your forearms

5. Expand your chest wider, and stretch the spine as you can. Try to see the front ( not down)

6. Be in the position for a minimum of 2 minutes and breathe 4-5 times ( deep breathe)

7. While releasing the pose, one must be slow and steady, breathe out and make your arms straight.

8. Repeat the process on the left side with the same steps

Mistakes While Performing utthan pristhasana


Suppose you are pursuing the lizard pose and not focusing your mind. Then its time to rethink. As I told you earlier, this yoga doesn’t feel helpful physically but mentally. So if you stay in the posture, try concentrating between your eyebrows.

Don’t force The Body.

Please don’t push your body to do what it can’t do. Don’t stretch intensely, especially while stretching the hip. As mentioned above, if you are a beginner, try to go gently with the pose

Do’s and Don’t Do’s

1. Release the pose immediately if you feel unease or uncomfortable

2. Don’t push the body beyond its limit, its time taking process, and you will learn slowly

3. If you are uneasy about putting your forearms on the mat, you may use a wooden block also

4. Avoid performing the lizard pose if you are having surgery, injury or knee problem

5. Not prefer to pregnant women

6. Don’t perform if you have a respiratory problem

Lizard pose is a great hip stretch yoga, but its usually for intermediate or advanced practitioners. If you are a beginner in yoga, perform the pose under the supervision of a yoga professional only.

Its your body, don’t go so harsh or brutal while performing any yoga pose. It may happen because you may have seen someone other doing it. Stop comparing yourself with others because everybody has a different body structure. If you are unable to do it today, keep practicing slowly. It will be achieved by you one day, easily.

Counter Pose For Utthan Pristhasana

The counter pose is necessary when you stretch your spine or back. The best counter pose i will suggest you for this asana is bound angle pose yoga also called butterfly pose

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