Half Moon Pose Yoga (Ardha Chandrasana)

half moon pose

Half Moon Pose Yoga is also known as Ardha Chandrasana. It will check your ability to balance. It is an advanced standing posture that builds up and strengthens muscles. The name Half moon pose is derived from the Sanskrit word “Ardha” which means “half” and “Chandra” which means “moon”. The Half moon pose is standing … Read more

Tantra Yoga – Misconception Theory Purpose & Principles

tantra yoga what it is

What is Tantra Yoga ? The word Tantra can be split into two words – Tan indicates growth, and Tra means uninterrupted. An interrupt or breakable stretch of network. Lonely one is infinitely widespread. Tantra Yoga is therefore a means of connecting with the Godhead.  According to Tantra Yoga, our body is a system of interconnected parts. Our … Read more