Pyramid Pose -Get Easy Way To Do Parsvottanasana

Pyramid pose , also called parsvottanasana Asana, is a forward bend Aasna which helps to stretch various body parts like back muscles, hamstring and core parts of the body, like the spine. It does not just help to stretch the body parts but is very much beneficial for the body organs like the abdominal and brain. The abdominal part helps to increase the digestion, and the brain gives you the calmness and relaxation you ever needed. Pyramid pose is intermediate level posture added drive from the Sanskrit language where Parsva means ”side,” Ut means “intense“, tan means “stretch“, and asana is a “pose“. Pyramid pose is a pyramid shape yoga posture that offers not only a forward bend but also a balancing of the body.

As discussed above, parsvottanasana is for the intermediate level of the practitioner, but if performed daily, the beginners can also achieve the posture after a while. Many pyramids pose variations like parivratta trikonasana and utthita trikonasana, and our basic poles lie between them. The advanced pose is easy and can be achieved easily after practicing the pyramid pose.

In this pose, one has to touch their hands on the floor. But in the beginning, if someone finds it tough to perform, they can make parsvottanasana easy by releasing the front knee a little bit.

pyramid pose

Pyramid Pose Benefits

Improve self wellness

The pyramid pose is a forward bend pose, which helps to bring calmness and helps to fight the inner turbulence of random thoughts which create anxiety in the body. As the Pose balanced pose, it helps to stretch the essential part of the body by putting equal weight on the core of the body. Therefore when done with self-consciousness and focusing on the mind, the pose brings the proper balance of the body and mind with self-awareness.

Enhancing the flexibility

Pyramid pose is a great pose for the deep stretch of your arms, hips, shoulder, hamstring and spine ( Its complete body stretch posture ). But if you are a beginner with Parsvottanasan asana then you must try Ardha Parsvottanasan pose first.It is easy to do and a great start for a beginner.

Supports multi-organs of the body

There are a lot of Parsvottanasan that pose benefits to the human body. It supports the abdominal region and helps to better digest. It enhances lung capacity when done with deep breaths, affects brain nerves, and helps rejuvenate the neuro. Furthermore, the pose is a great healer for arthritis patients. As the pose gives immense stretch to the body, it opens the stiffness of the joints and helps to cope with joint pain.

Stimulate Pelvic Region

Parsvottanasan pose is great for reproductive parts too. It helps the many pelvic area problems like menstrual cramps in ladies, irregular periods, impotence and erectile dysfunction in males.

How To Do Pyramid Pose

  • Begin with your legs, stand straight and erected onto your legs like mountain pose
  • Make some distance between your both legs ( make it at least 3 feet spread between legs)
  • Begin from right side of the leg, drag your right leg forward and the left one behind your body. The right foot will be at 90 degrees and left foot will be at 45 degree angle
  • Now take your arms to your sides of the body and put them parallel on floor.Maintain your hips joints same parallel to the floor .
  • Take deep breathe, , stretch (wide) your chest along bending your body to front of you at starting point of the hip area
  • Ensure to make your body ( torso ) is parallel to the floor, now stretch your right hip along extending back spine
  • Try to be in the pose for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute, If you unable to touch your toes, try to bend as much possible.With the period of time your spine will start flexible and you will start getting flexibility and able to touch your fingertips easily
  • Now slowly release your body from pyramid pose. Try to raise up your torso, release your arms and put your hands on buttocks
  • Repeat the same process by other side but slowly and steadily

KeyNotes in parsvottanasana

  • Don’t overstretch yourself. Don’t copy others, and don’t cheat yourself. If you are a beginner, don’t worry, you will attain the full parsvottanasana asana one day. Just keep practicing the pose regularly
  • People coping with any blood pressure must avoid practicing parsvottanasana
  • People having migraines or any surgery must avoid this yoga pose
  • Having ankle, hip, spine or ankle knee may create issues during posing the pose, hence avoid
  • Pregnant ladies must avoid doing the pyramid pose
  • Don’t over stain the knee and keep the front leg loosened to avoid any injury

While performing the Parsvottanasana pose, ensure that your hips are equally balanced and the back heel is lifting off the ground. The Parsvottanasana is a powerful pose to improve posture and strengthen the body joints. The pose may be used to cure flat feet too. What are your thoughts on it? Feel free to share in your comments

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