Tantra Yoga – Misconception Theory Purpose & Principles

What is Tantra Yoga ? The word Tantra can be split into two words – Tan indicates growth, and Tra means uninterrupted. An interrupt or breakable stretch of network. Lonely one is infinitely widespread. Tantra Yoga is therefore a means of connecting with the Godhead. 

According to Tantra Yoga, our body is a system of interconnected parts. Our bodies serve as the nerve center for all physical functions. As a result, it is critical to maintaining it nourished and healthy, as well as to boost the body’s ability to perform its functions. Only via our physical bodies can we reach spirituality.

tantra yoga what it is

Tantra Yoga is one of the strong spiritual resurgence factors. When practiced by ignorant, irresponsible, and unqualified people some misconduct occurs. No one can ignore the fact that many degraded Shaktism sought nothing more than magic, immorality, and occult power.

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Misconception about Tantra Yoga

Tantra yoga has the principle of five makaras – madira (alcohol), masa (meat), matsya (fish), mudra (gesture), and maithuna (sexual intercourse).

Humans have taken the wrong meaning of these five makaras, they think that all these things are in tantra yoga. Madira (alcohol), masa (meat), matsya (fish), mudra (gesture), and maithuna (sexual intercourse) are permissible. Although they do not understand its true meaning. They think that if they intake alcohol, eat meat and fish, have sex, then tantra yoga will be successful. While it is not so, no yoga allows all these things.

Misconceptions In Tantra Yoga

The meaning of the five makaras is –

Madira (alcohol)

Consumption of liquor or alcohol, i.e. drinking the nectar stream that comes out of Sahasrar is called intoxication.

Masa (meat)

Masa or meat means to control the animals and not to consume the meat, here the consumption of meat is due to the restraint of the tongue.

Matsya (fish)

Matsya or fish i.e. Ida (Ganga), Pingala (Yamuna) which is in the middle of the Sushumna Nadi is Matsya, controlling the Prana element in the Sushumna Nadi through Pranayama is Matsya.

Mudra (gesture)

 Mudra or gesture i.e. the soul who is seated in the middle of the forehead, those who have recognized him are called mudra seekers.

Maithuna (sexual intercourse)

 Siddhi and Brhamagyan are attained through intercourse, that is, always remember the Supreme Soul in the soul, that is sex and not a physical relationship.

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Theory Of Tantra Yoga

There is a secret principle in some aspects of Tantra. It is a secret science that can only be taught by trained tantriks, tantric teachers, and qualified yogis, and it cannot be taught through the study of books. Purity, faith, devotion, dedication, humility, courage, universal love, and truth are all qualities that a Yogi student should possess. The absence of these qualities in a man means a complete misuse of Shaktism.

Purpose of Tantra Yoga

Tantra yoga emphasizes the development of disordered forces in the six chakras from the root to the Agni chakra. Kundalini yoga is related to tantric practice. Which emphasizes the expansion of this snake-like Kundalini. All Tantric Sadhana aims to awaken Kundalini and unite with Sadashiva.

Atharva veda contains a description of Tantra Yoga that is worth reading. The Tantra Shastra is divided into three sections:

  1. Agama Tantra is the tantra in which the worship of the deities, the ways of worshiping the deities, and the destruction of the universe are all discussed.
  2. Yamal Tantra is the tantra that records astrology, everyday behavior, formulas, caste distinctions, and the old religion.
  3. In Main Tantra, the description of rhythm, mantra, pilgrimage, Kalpa, charity, fast narrative, and spirituality are all included.

When it comes to Tantra Yoga, there are many different disciplines to choose from. We can strengthen our sense of self-worth as a result of this. It is the source of Trikal, Indrajal, Apara, and Prana Vidya, which are all branches of yoga. Tantra Yoga has been misinterpreted and implemented incorrectly in our life.

In their lust, people have assigned spiritual significance to tantra, which is completely incorrect. Don’t let your spirituality be wasted by your erroneous tactics and ways of thinking. This leads to a misunderstanding of Tantra Yoga among the general public.

What to Keep in Mind?

Tantra yoga can both elevate us up from the bottom and lower us back down from the top. When we become engulfed in food, alcohol, and debauchery, our lives begin to descend into a state of darkness. As a result, we must get away from these things and establish a disciplined lifestyle.

If you feel quite difficult to adhere to this discipline, you should take it slowly at first.

Tantra implies fully utilizing your energy to fulfill your activities and to complete your work by strengthening your mental faculties.

Tantra is a term that refers to when we fall in love with someone and devote our energy to him for his benefit. Furthermore, when we use our physical bodies to become more powerful for our job, it is referred to as tantra. Our energy contributes to the wellness of our body, mind, and spirit.

Tantra yoga is not a miraculous practice in any way. Our unique ability to practice it is one of our most valuable assets, without which nothing in the entire cosmos would be conceivable. As a result, we should avoid viewing Tantra Yoga in the wrong light, as well as implementing it in the wrong way.

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