Vrikshasana Tree Pose Yoga Step By Step-10 Incredible Benefits

What is Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

Vrikshasana pose is a Sanskrit word where Vriksh means Tree and asana means sitting or posture. During this posture, the body has to remain stable just as the Tree remains stationary on the ground. While practicing Vrikshasana, our foot acts like the Tree’s roots and carries the entire body’s weight. This asana is beneficial for health in many ways.

Regular practice of the Tree pose helps your body to gain new consciousness and energy. While doing yoga asana, you should close your eyes and experience energy. But during Vrikshasana, you are asked to keep your eyes open to get the motivation to keep yourself stable by practicing the balance of the body and looking at the activities around you. 

Vrikshasana (Tree Pose) is the seat of Hatha Yoga’s initial level. While doing this asana, standing on one leg for only one minute is advisable. Repeat the same process on another side. Repeat the pose five times on each side of the leg. By regular practice of Vrikshasana ankles, thighs, calves, and ribs become stronger. While also helps in stretching the groin, thighs, shoulders, and chest.

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Why It Is Called Tree Pose ?

The word tree pose yoga symbolize to be strong And well grounded. This pose help us to be study and centered.
In Tree Pose you can feel the sense of grounded-ness through the strength of your standing leg. This pose  requires  focus and awareness to stay balanced and stable.

You can only balance properly if you have awareness of stability in pelvis and Shoulders. Tree pose pose can improve posture and alignment by stretching your legs, gluteal  and back. This pose is known as Sthiram Sukham asana.

It involved in the practice of Hatha yoga. Balancing on one leg you need to draw your attention towards your body, breath and mind. Same as how a tree grows upward and rooting from the earth and back to the earth. The practice of Vrikshasana help the flow of energy force which is known as Prana which goes upward to the Muladhara Chakra towards Sahasrara Chakra that makes sense of stability and balancing in our body and mind.

How To Do Vrikshasana Step By Step

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Here is the easy way to do Vrikshasana Yoga. Following this, you can do it easily at home without any expert.

  • You must first stand upright or come to Tadasana.


  • Reduce the space between the legs and keep the hands straight.


  • Raise the right leg and hold the ankle with the right hand.


  • With the help of both hands, place the right heel on the upper part of the left thigh.


  • The direction of the toes should be towards the bottom. Now press the thigh from the sole of the right foot.


  • Align the right leg with the other portion.


  • Now add the palms and fingers to the prayer posture, lift them and place it on the chest, then slowly lift them and lift them above the head.


  • Both your hands should be adjacent to the head.


  • Keep the balance of the body for some time, and keep this state according to yourself.


  • Now move your hands down and return to the original position.


  • Then do the same process from the other side.

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Vrikshasana (Tree Pose) Yoga Benefits

  • Vrikshasana for knee pain: Patients suffering from knee should practice this asana. With regular practice of this asana, you can get rid of knee pain forever. If there is more pain in the knee, it is advisable to get the help of supervision or a specialist. 


  • Vrikshasana for Ankle pain: It reduces ankle pain as well as increases flexibility of the ankles. Individuals going through ankle pain should practice this yoga practice regularly.


  • Strengthening the feet: It plays a vital role in supporting the muscles of the feet and simultaneously makes the legs powerful.


  • Beneficial in arthritis pain: It ends arthritis pain and numbness.


  • Helpful in stress: By practicing this asana, you can reduce stress and anxiety to a great extent.


  • Helpful in depression: Regular practice can help you get rid of depression.


  • Increase in stature: By increasing the practice of the tree pose to young children, the chances of growing in height increase.


  • In vein pain: Vein troubles can be avoided by doing this in front of a specialist.


  • To prevent weight gain: Practicing the pose also helps maintain the body weight for a long time. 


  • Helpful in balancing the body: Its practice increases balance in the body.


Contradictions In Doing Tree Pose

Asanas are generally beneficial and are very important for health. But there are several stages where we should skip or avoid doing the asanas. We should not do asana in case of any particular operation, injury, or problem and also take precautions. Let us know some disadvantages of vrikshasana

  • Those with high blood pressure problems should not keep their arms on their head for long while doing tree administration. Otherwise, it can cause chest pain.


  • While practicing the tree pose, keep one of your feet in the right place on the thigh of the other leg.


  •  Do not keep much down or up; otherwise, the balance of the body may deteriorate, and you may fall.


  • Do not practice Vrikshasana if you have insomnia or migraine.


  • If your blood pressure is low, then in this situation, avoid practicing tree pose.


  • Avoid doing the Tree pose if you have an injury to your hips.


  • If you have knee pain, do not practice this asana. Otherwise, your problem may increase.


  • Do not practice Tree Pose if you have ankle problems or feel dizzy.

The Right Time To Do Tree Pose 

Practice Tree Pose in the morning in a calm atmosphere in the right way. The brain remains calmer in the morning. Practicing any asana in the right way only gives its benefits. The Vrikshasana pose is done on an empty stomach and if you want to practice it after meals, eat before it for about 4 to 6 hours before doing the asana to ensure the gut is light before pursuing the pose. 

Vrikshasana pose has also mentioned in ancient mythology, and there are references to this asana in the Ramayana. To please Lord Shiva, Ravana did penance by standing in a Tree Pose posture so that Lord could get a boon from Shiva. Since then, this asana has been considered powerful.

Yoga is not done only in a single posture or position. Yoga is evolving daily; changes and variations often occur in its rugs. Many yoga asanas help to build muscles and tone them. Yoga helps to balance and detox your body. By now, you might have learned how beneficial yoga is for health and health. There are so many benefits to your body and mind by trying it out. 

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