Laughter Yoga What Its Benefit-4 Amazing Facts Of Hasyayoga

Today we will discuss about bit different yoga called Laughter Yoga which also calledHasyayoga” . It seems strange right ? Well what if i ask you is have you laughed ? I know you will say yes many often, What if i say how does it feels ? You might say it feels amazing. Laugh can come on any moment, joke, situation or act and when someone laugh I’m pretty sure it feels good because brain produce Endorphins called ”Happy Hormones” thus result in laughing.

Laugh is very essential sometime as it is called Stress Buster. Laughter  is known to be the best medicine already and when it comes together with yoga and yogic breathing, it truly does wonders for the mind and body. It does not only help to become happier but also releases endorphins that promote overall mental health and well-being. We should try making it a part of our daily routine and join a club, if possible because the health benefits of this yoga extend to people of all body types.

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What Is Laughter Yoga ?

laughter yoga

Laughter yoga is modern age voluntary exercise where a bunch of group participates and laughs. The people start laughing randomly through eye contacts, touching or body movements. There is not particular reason to laugh but as it is an exercise, it just need a soft start to laugh and rest is done naturally. Confuse ? Okay i tell you, you must have noticed that when you laugh on any reason you start laughing but after it if any silly thing happens you again laugh like joker, I’m i right ? Same thing applied in laughter yoga.

It doesn’t need any warm up session but one can start with rubbing hand, and clapping only. Laughter yoga is a breathing exercise which enhance your lungs and gives more oxygen to the body, It not just exercise of laughing but also visualization and mindfulness

Here are a few of the many amazing benefits of laughter yoga after reading which you will not resist trying out:

Benefits Of Hasyayoga


  • Stabilizes Good Mood:

 Most people around the globe find it difficult to keep their mood stable all the time. The better your mood is, the better your quality of life. Laughter yoga is so powerful that it releases chemicals in the brain that make you happy and more positive. A good mood that does not depend on anything is a blessing and that is what you learn by practicing laughter yoga. You become more cheerful and spend the day with a smiling face. This helps keep the negativity away, ensuring your mental wellness.

  • Help Develop Social Circle:

This life keeps us busy running after money, security, fame, and power but all these things give us temporary satisfaction and then the quest begins again. For once, you need to stop running and enjoy the company of a few good friends that put a smile on your face. There is no better tool to interact with people that to have a good laugh with them.

After all our basic needs, we seek appreciation and compassion for healthy emotional development. Laughter clubs offer a great social network of individuals who positively interact and care about one another. This helps you fight depression and stress and provides a sense of emotional security as well.

  • Promotes Health:

Laughter yoga does not only help you to cope with your mental and physical illnesses but also cures them. It is best for those who are well and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It ensures fitness and mental relaxation and that is why many people are regular members of laughter yoga clubs. Moreover, it also gradually makes the immune system stronger. It is a powerful cardio exercise that increases blood circulation and relaxes all the stressed muscles in the body and brain.

Not only is it relaxing to the mind, but it also reduces the symptoms of chronic diseases, blood pressure, asthma, and depression. It eradicates all sorts of stress from your life and helps develop emotional balance in life. It is so effective that people begin to feel the benefits just from the first session.

  • Laughing in The Times of Pain:

Calmness is the key to staying composed and take better decisions in times of pain and difficulty. Laughter yoga helps to calm your nerves and enables you to deal with the toughest situations with a composed mind without panicking or stressing over it. It also enables you to deal with difficult and negative people around you in a more positive way than a normal person who doesn’t practice laughter yoga can.

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