Yoga for all – By ssdevapp

Yoga for all - By ssdevapp

App Title: Yoga for all – By ssdevapp


Full featured freeware!
Covers 55 different Yoga Asanas and Pranayamas!
Check Asanas meant for curing diseases and for strengthening specific body parts.

Very Lightweight and won’t drain your system!
Application provides different types of options namely

1. Explore Asanas
It lists *nearly* all the Asanas of Yoga. The user can check the asana which interests him.

2. Workouts & Training
The exercises which a person must do during a normal day are listed in 3 different categories namely basic,intermediate and advanced. Based on your physical fitness and ability you can choose to follow one of the listed trainings.

Besides new feature has been added through which you can create your own workout plan. This feature shall be even better in the next version!

3. Diseases
Yoga asana and pranayamas to be done to cure common ailments are listed here.

4. Body Part
If the user wishes to strengthen his specific body part then user can choose the body part and view the asanas.

Rating : 4.0 out of 5 stars