Yoga Poses For 2 People 15 Beginners Easy Medium Hard Poses

Are you looking for yoga poses for 2 people ? Read the whole article if you  want easy, medium and hard level of yoga poses for 2 people.Yoga is not just a form of exercise but an art. Yoga just doesn’t give you strength and stretch your muscles, but it gives you mind wellness and relaxes the whole body’s mechanism, which makes it apart from other forms of exercise. People doing yoga would agree with my opinion here.

Yoga is the best way to relax your body and mind in such a way that you don’t have to push yourself forcefully to do a particular thing, but its a divine and easy method to connect yourself with your mind and body doing relax.

Yoga Poses For 2 People

There are millions and millions of people practicing yoga in daily life to make their life stress free and for their self wellness.But most of them are solo practitioner so far. So if you are a couple, friends or team who is practicing yoga alone and wants to motivate your mates to begin yoga, you must try these yoga poses with two people. Here we list some easy yoga poses for 2 beginners you must try in 2022.

So in this article, we will present some beginner yoga poses for 2 people to advance poses with 2 people. You may choose the level according to your compatibility and experience.

The benefit of practicing yoga poses for 2 people.

Trust buildup in a relationship is a complex yet necessary part of life. The same happens in yoga poses. While practicing any pose, you must have the convenience and ensure your partner’s trust because you must help each other while practicing yoga poses. So if you start doing yoga poses together, it may enhance your relationship and compatibility among both practitioners. Doing yoga couple poses enhances strength, intimacy and trust buildup in a relationship, So you must try it.

Some Points before Pursuing yoga poses for 2 People

Before starting, stretch the whole body or warm up the body’s parts. This is the first yet must do part because cold muscles may leads to cramp or injury if it starts straightway.

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Before beginning, make sure to select only those poses which can easily be done by both of them. Please ensure the flexibility and stretch needed in that particular yoga pose before doing so. Please don’t force yourself to the position in which you are having a problem to do or feeling pain in retaining the position because several muscle injuries may occur. So please choose only compatible poses which both yoga couples can pursue easily. So guys, let’s get started

Easy yoga poses for 2 People

Two Trees Pose  


1. Opens up the back and hip
2. Help improve balance 
3. Strengthen Chest and knees 

yoga poses for 2 friends easy

How To Perform:-

A perfect and easy yoga poses for 2 beginners. This yoga posture is fully dedicated to the couple because you are opening your hip and back while leaning on each other. Stand next to each other while facing in the same direction. Now raise your inner arm upside down while bending another arm, bring it near your chest, and touch your palms with your partner’s palm. Now spread your toes and lift another leg to your knees with the sole of your foot. Try to be easy while bending your leg. If it reaches your knees, you can also place it below the knees. Now stand in such position for at least 5 breadth and then switch the positions

Seated Cow/Cat Pose For Couples 


  • Stretch shoulders
  • Stretch your back
  • Stretch your spine

yoga poses for 2 friends

How To Perform:-

Sit comfortably on the mat with your legs bent ( padmasana). Now tuck your chin, take a deep breath and pull your belly inside. Hold your breath for the last you can and get leaned back. Once you are done with holding your breathe, now release the breath and pull your belly upside down slowly. Please do this 5 times to get the most benefit from it.


  • Stretch Back and spine
    Relax the mind by sending adequate blood to the brain
    Reduce anxiety and stress

partner pose


How To Perform:-

Sit on the floor, now fold your knees against the floor and make posture like a dog. Now touch your forehead to the floor and stretch your arms as far as you can see in the picture. Now close your eyes and relax. Its time for your partner to lean on you. First sit on your legs, then slide your back against your partner’s back, keep sliding till you reach your partner’s head. Now stretch your arms and move behind your head. Okay its time to relax. Take 5 breaths and be in the same posture. Please note if your partner is posing on the floor if finds any difficulty then please release the posture and do again. This the easy to moderate level of yoga pose for 2 people .

Camel Pose for Couple 

Benefits :-

Strengthen heart by opening chest wider
Making spine more flexible
Stretching of arms underway

hard yoga poses for 2

How To Perform :-

For 2 person partner yoga poses, Camel pose is easy yet effective 2 person yoga poses for beginners. For this you have to get your knees together then hold your yoga mate’s arm and lean back yourself in such way that it looks like camel pose as shown in the picture. Try to open your Chest wider because wider Chest makes heart more powerful.

Couple Temple Pose


Strengthen back and hip
Making spine more flexible
Opening chest and making heart strong
Making shoulders strong

temple pose couple

How To Perform:-

Stand by facing each other while standing on the floor. Now bend your self in such a way so that your hip comes out. Extend your arms overhead and till extent until your hands meet to your partner’s hand. Lodge your hands and slowly fold your back as much you can. Now you need to put equal weight against each other with your arms and come closer to each other with wider chest release to the down side. Now reverse the process by going backward and come again forward. Repeat the steps 5 to 10 times. If you this camel yoga pose with hold and release breathing process, it would be more powerful

Forward Fold Yoga Pose 

Benefits :-

Strengthen spine and back
Strengthen legs and hamstring
Strengthening arms

yoga poses for 2 hard

Both the partners sit on the ground. One partner has to sit opposite to another partner with both legs wide apart . Now match your feet with your partner who is sitting with both legs wide apart and hold each other forearms. One has to pull another gently into their direction so the person having legs wider apart hinges towards from hip. Keep going the process till you bear the stretch. Now have some deep breath while being in the same pose. Release the pose slowly and come back to your original position. Now do same process to another partner and repeat the steps for at least 5 times

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 Lean Angle Pose 


1. Opens up Chest, hence making heart strong
2. Making spine stronger

How To Perform:-

Sit on the floor oppositely to each other so your back touches each other. One of the partners has to bend down by keeping the back straight with hand grasping the feet and knees bent. The other partner now leans against the back with the partner who already bent down with knees bent. Now expand your Chest with arms spread out. Bend your knees or release is upon you, Remain in this posture as much you can and inhale deep breathes. Now change the posture vice-versa.

So these were the most easy yoga poses for 2 people or couple at beginning stage. You may perform if you are on beginner stage of yoga, as it needs low flexibility and has low difficulty to perform

Medium yoga poses for 2 People

Ok mates, if you feel the above poses easy for you, Now its your turn to try these medium 2 person partner yoga poses. These poses are called Acro-yoga and will challenge your upper and lower body muscles and strength of your body. The balancing required is more than early yoga pose. You need to be strong and more balanced to pursuing below poses. So lets have check.

Half Chair Pose


1.Strengthen legs muscles
2. Strengthen your back and spine
3.Strengthen your abdominal muscles

yoga poses for 2 beginners

Image Source –

How to Perform:-

Seems simple right ? Well not. This is the serious test of your legs muscles. You have to stand until your legs got shaken and fell off . I’m just kidding. But you have to stand against your partner until you can stand. For this stand in opposite direction of your partner. Connect your back with partner’s back with shoulder together. You may give some pressure to the connected points on shoulder or back if needed. Now bend half in the middle with gentle pressuring each other’s back. Keep communicating with your partner to when to go up and when to go down.

Plank On Partner 


Making arms muscles stronger
Making shoulder muscles stronger
Stamina buildup
Legs muscles buildup and spine stretching

plank on partner

How To Perform:-

The yoga literally need upper body strength and stamina to stay in the pose for a while. Second thing which I personally feel that the partner who will be on upper side must have light weight in order to perform the pose. For performing you have to lean on mat and then make position as we do in plank form.

If you don’t know how to make plank position then just lean on surface with your face towards surface and then use your arms to push against surface and stretch yourself on upper side and retain the position. Now your partner has to do the same process. The difference is that it has to be done over your partner’s back. It will directly challenge your stamina and muscle power. While doing, if you feel un-comfortable then please avoid doing this pose

Full Chair Pose 


1.Enhance and challenge full body muscles
2.Helping balancing
3.Helping concentration

How To Perform:-

If you have tried upper half chair yoga pose for 2 people then your must try this pose too. But again it need full body power and challenge to whole body for better strength. To begin with, lie down to the mat on floor and bend your knees into Chest. Now ask your partner to sit on your sole facing to upward direction. Lift your seated partner on upward direction with the help of your legs . Then lift your arms on upward direction facing your palm on partner’s feet sole so they can relax while sitting .

Warrior 3 pose 


1.Open up the Chest, hence enhance heart
2.Improve balancing
3. Stretching back, hip and spine

How To Perform:-

A very known and famous 2 person partner yoga poses is warrior 3 pose or called virabhadrasana 3
Stand facing each other with parallel feet. Now start moving their torso forward in warrior 3 pose position, same process will have to be done by second partner. Make sure if both are stable and steady during process. Both partners now have to hold their partner’s calf by moving their arm towards inner thigh of each. While releasing pose, make sure to put legs slowly down without stumbling.

Double Plank  


1.Increase core muscle strength
2. Increase concentration power
3. More trust buildup
4.Building legs muscles

How To Perform:-

Well here one more plank pose called double plank bff 2 person yoga pose. But this one is bit easier than above planks when you compare them. For this one partner has to start with regular plank position. Now second partner will take its position by placing its hands on the ankles of its partner and place its feet on his partner’s shoulder . That’s it . Now try to retain the position as long as you can.

Boat Couple Pose 

Benefits :-

Stretching hamstrings
Stretching spine and back
Abdominal muscles gets stretched
Core muscles strong

yoga poses for 2 people

How To Perform:-

Sit on mat opposite to your partner. Now approach your partner hand outside of your legs. Bend the knees and try to match your sole of your feet. Now try to straighten your legs on the upward direction by lowering your back. Please ensure that your knees and backs are straight

Extreme Yoga Poses For 2 People

Dear yogis, If you still looking for some extreme yoga poses or hard yoga poses for 2 people then you must give try to below poses. But please before going forward I want you to please make sure the strength and muscle power of your partner so your won’t get any injury or cramp while doing. Also I would recommend you to do these poses under supervision of an expert to avoid injury.

Flying Bird Pose


1. Improve core muscles
2. Improve arms, legs and shoulder’s strength
3.Improve stamina and focus

weird poses for yoga

How To Perform:-

To pursue this pose i would like to suggest you to please take assistance of third person because in this posture you may feel shaky or clumsy at beginning. So to perform it, lie down on mat and put arms to your side. Now the flyer (another partner) has to stand with their toes lined up with the partner fingertips who is laying on ground and line your toes up with belly button of the flyer partner. Now flyer partner will come in fish position. Lift your fish positioned partner and squeeze your legs. Lift the chest and extend your arms with the help of your hip

Super Wheel Pose


Provide immense flexibility to spine
Back, shoulder muscles gets stretched
Blood circulation increase on head side, result great eye vision
Heart opening process

gymnastics yoga poses couple

Source -

How To Perform :-

Here you have to be more flexible from your body if you going to perform. One of the partner laying on ground on stomach in cobra position and bend arms behind. Another partner has to hold laying partner’s ankle and has to stand in upside down position. Now the first partner in cobra pose has to touch the fingers of another partner who is standing upside down. Now try to remain in position for long as you can and while finishing off, try to come slowly and steady.

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Throne Yoga Pose


Challenge legs and belly muscles
Gives more stability and balance
Increase stamina and core strength

cool yoga poses couple

How To Perform:-

The well balanced hard couple yoga pose. To do so, you have to attain chair yoga pose as shown above. Now the base partner has to form ”Namaste” form. For those who are not aware of Namaste form has to take their hands near to chest and touch their palm with each other. Now the flyer ( upper partner) has to wrap their lower legs around the base partner’s leg inside. Now sit up with straight back and concentrate your mind by closing your eyes. Please take not here is if you start feeling shaky or clumsy then don’t close eyes.

Couple Crow Yoga Pose


Challenging whole upper body parts
Great balancing technique
Increase concentration

person yoga poses

How To Perform:-

This is the most difficult yet effective hard yoga poses for two people. Before pursuing let me tell you that you can’t perform this pattern if you can’t make balance on your hands lifting your body upside. If you are beginner yoga pose practitioner then I would suggest you to avoid doing because it needs skill to stand in middle of air. This is strictly for those who are at advance stage now.

So both of the partners sit on the mat on your legs, touch your palms to the floor. The arms must be within the bent legs. Attach your elbows near to your knees. Now try to lift your feet upside and bend down your head to the floor side and try to make balance in between. This is to be noted here to not to put much pressure on hand joint and if it comes on it then release the pose and try again

Flying Bow Pose


Challenges lower body parts and increase strength
Opens up chest, result enhance heart muscles
Spine gets stretched
More blood to the brain result less stress

couple pose

How To Perform:-

This pose is very similar with FISH POSE as shown above. Once the fish form is achieved, the base partner will hold flyer’s shoulder for the support. The flyer bends one leg and try to reach to their ankle, once done try same for another leg. Now flyer bends deeply into back and form a bow pose. That’s it you are now in flying bow pose.

So here we have best 15 yoga pose for 2 people . It includes beginners, medium and hard yoga poses. You may try whatever you like but please keep note of flexibility and pose duration. So these were some yoga positions you may start doing with your bff, friends or mates. The main sutra ( key) to perform yoga poses is to listen to your mind, body and to your partner. And if you want to listen us, Better subscribe us and if you like the post please give us a like, share or comment. Thanks

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