Yoga poses for beginners

Yoga poses for beginners

Beginners have to prepare the mind first. As a beginner we may have lots of misconception. So, as soon as possible find the good yoga teacher is the best advice.

Do not worry about your body flexibility and strength. Just holding the body by hands or touching floors backwardly is not everything about yoga. It is something different. Everyone can do all the poses with the proper guidance and good practise. Do not think like it is not for me. It is for you. Yes for you and for everyone. Yoga is not strengthening the body; it gives the positive thinking and calms the mind, thus increases the productivity in work and improves the happiness in life.

If you are above 50? Do not worry.

If you cannot stretch or flexible? Do not worry.

If you have any illness? Do not worry.

Yoga is for all. Anyone can practise all the poses and get mastered it.

Lets see few simple yoga poses for beginners:

  1. Mountain Pose (Tadasana)
  2. Upward Facing Dog (Urdhvamukhasvanasana)
  3. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)
  4. Crow Pose (Bakasana)
  5. Child’s Pose (Balasana)
  6. Pigeon Pose (Ekapadarajakapotasana)
  7. Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)
  8. Downward Facing Dog (Adhomukhasvanasana)
  9. Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana)
  10. Seated Twist (Ardhamatsyendrasana)
  11. Tree Pose (Vriksasana)
  12. Bridge Pose (Setubhanda)

Note: Never forget that Sun Salutation (Surya Namskar) is the Best solution for beginners. It is simple yet gives lots of benefits. And It gives a good stretch and flexibility to your body, before you start your yoga practise. Another important thing Sun Salutation is, It calms the mind. Thus it prepares and aligns the body and mind for the yoga practise. SO, it is highly recommended to beginners to start with Sun Salutation.


First and foremost, find a professionally certified good yoga teacher.

Do not rush.

Try to maintain Yogic Diet

Do not drink or eat during the yoga practise.

Do not talk with others.

Be focus, do not distract while practising the yoga.

Wear a comfortable yoga dress

Please be regular and consistent (many beginners give up in a few days. Please do not do this. Please be consistent, you will get the value for it)

Practise yoga daily, will yield the better results.

It’s good to do pose in the morning with empty stomach.

Always listen to your body, and know your limits. While practise, if you find any pain or discomfort, please exit the pose and ask for the expert’s guidance and doctor’s advice.