Dhyana – Big Mind Meditation

Dhyana – Big Mind Meditation

Sage Patanjali explained about Dhyana (Big Mind Meditation) in his ‘Pantajali Yoga Sutra’. The below quotes clearly explains the Dhyana.

“Dhyana:Full concentration of the mind focused on one of those experiences”

Dhyana means “To think of” in Sanskrit. It is the 7th limb of yoga. Dhyana Helps to focus the mind and increases the concentration. It gives the peace of mind. It helps to be confident and gives the positive hope towards the life.


  1. In a calm place, sit in a comfortable position with closed eyes.
  2. Focus your mind on a particular topic or person or object or any part of you or universe or about yourself or anything, which you want to think deeper.
  3. Before that you have to prepare your body to cope with your mind.
  4. That is the basement for the meditation.
  5. So, start Dhyana after the yoga practise, which makes your body relaxed and comfortable to still for hours.
  6. Try to forget about everything like your problems, your sense, your sorrow and everything. And focus deeply on the topic you have chosen.
  7. At first, mind will not work out, the way you wanted.
  8. Let it go.
  9. It will spread all the corners of your mind.
  10. You can try to focus. But within few seconds, you will fail. Again thoughts will distract you.
  11. And lots of thoughts will come like the waves.
  12. Hold on.
  13. This is where the real meditation starts.
  14. Controlling the mind is not an easy job.
  15. You have to reduce the thoughts without thinking that you are reducing your thoughts.
  16. You have to do this by your sub-conscious mind gradually and automatically (like weare breathing. Are we aware of our Breathing or Inhaling orExhaling?).
  17. At first you would have 1000 to endless thoughts (You may think I was thinking about just two or three matters. but, 1000 or endless? The answer is, Yes, Even more than that. It will go deeper, if I elaborate here. So, I will explain about this later in a separate article. But, the answer is Yes.).
  18. The tough part starts from here.
  19. The endless thoughts will drag your mind to every direction.
  20. But focus the topic you have chosen.
  21. Dig deep down.
  22. Reduce the thought waves.
  23. Make your mind strong and focus the topic you have chosen.
  24. Gradually thoughts will reduce.
  25. At a point your mind will focus only one topic, which you have chosen, nothing else.
  26. There will be only you and your focus.
  27. There you can ask the questions.And you will get the answers.
  28. But it needs a lot of patients and practise.
  29. Many people don’t have patients to sit and focus more than few minutes.
  30. You can start practicing Dhyana with 10 to 20 minutes at a time in the beginning.
  31. After you get the practise you can do Dhyana even for hours.


  • Helps to reduce the stress from the body and mind.
  • Calms the mind.
  • Gives the positive vibrations.
  • Helps to keep calm, and not to react for the day-to-day problems. But, helps to think and find the solution.
  • Gives the peace of mind.
  • Positive approach towards the life.
  • Helps to differentiate the external events and inner happiness.
  • Gives the space to listen to ourselves and search who we actually are.