Parivrtta Sukhasana – Simple Twist Pose

Parivrtta Sukhasana – Simple Twist Pose


Parivrtta Sukhasana is derived from the combination of the Sanskrit words Parivrtta(revolve), Sukha(easy or comfortable or joy), and asana (posture or pose). It is called as Simple Twist Poseor Simple Cross-Legged Twist orSeated Twist or Easy Twistin English.

Parivrtta Sukhasana is one of the basic seated pose. It helps to open the hips and shoulders. It is a great stress reliever. We can use this pose as a warm-up pose for the following difficult poses in the practise.

It can be practised by any one from absolute beginners to Experts. All level students can practise this pose. It increases the digestion by massaging the abdominal organs.

Steps Involved:

  1. Start with sitting in the easy pose or sukhasana
  2. Make sure that the spine should be straight and palms should rest on the knees.
  3. Body weight should be evenly balance on your hip bone.
  4. Slowly place the right hand behind you.
  5. Left hand should be on the right knee.
  6. Bend towards right and try to look behind you.
  7. Please make sure that your spine should remain straight.
  8. Hold in this position for a few seconds (around 60 seconds).
  9. Breathing should be normal.
  10. Repeat all the above steps with the opposite side.
  11. Practicing this pose at least thrice by both sides will give better results.


  • Helps to increase the flexibility of the upper back and spine.
  • Stretches the upper chest, hips, neck and shoulders.
  • Massages the abdominals organs.
  • We can use this as a warm-up pose.
  • Lengthens the torso and spine.
  • Helps to stimulates the liver and kidneys
  • It energizes the spine.
  • Helps to stimulate the Agni (digestive fire).
  • It is a great pose to get relieve from sciatica, backache and fatigue.
  • Reduces the stress, tension and anxiety.
  • Forward bend can increase the digestive system

Dos, Don’ts and Tips:

People with the following problem please avoid practising this pose, or practise under the expert’s supervisions and doctor’s advice.

  • Back Injury
  • Arthritis
  • Scoliosis

Practise this yoga daily, will yield the better results.

It’s good to do this pose in the morning with empty stomach.

Do not rush. Turn gradually and gently. If you find any pain or discomfort, please exit the pose and ask for expert’s guidance and the doctor’s advice.