Ujjayi Pranayama – Conqueror Breath

Ujjayi Pranayama – Conqueror Breath

Ujjayi Pranayama is derived from the combination of the Sanskrit words Ujjayi (lift up) and Pranayama (Breath or breathing technique). It is called as Conqueror Breath or psychic breath or victorious breath or ocean breathin English.

The chest is slightly lifted up In Ujjayi pranayama, as if the inhalation is done from the throat. It is mentioned in the GherandaSamhita and Hatha Yoga Pradeepika. Ujjayi pranayama warms and stretches the breath before it enters into our lungs.

It helps to create the heat, which effectively get rid of the toxins in the body. In Ujjayi pranayama both the inhalations and exhalations are performed through the nose.

It creates a hissing sound like the sound of an ocean.Because the air speed is increased as the passage of the throat is made narrower.


  1. Start with sitting in any comfortable position.
  2. Make sure that your spine should be straight.
  3. You can close your eyes.
  4. Slowly inhale from both the nostril.
  5. Note: Breath should be deep and strong.
  6. You can feel the touch of air in the throat by contracting your throat while breathing.
  7. Note: Air should not touch inside the nose.
  8. A peculiar sound is produced, as air touches the throat.
  9. Make your breath to be relaxed and light as you slightly contract the rear of the throat,
  10. Gentle make the hissing sound as you inhale and out.
  11. Note: The sound is not forced, at the same time it has to be louder. Like the nearest person can hear the sound.
  12. Now closing the right nostril and exhale from your left nostril.
  13. While exhaling try to produce the sound ‘hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa’.
  14. Thus you complete one round of Ujjayi Pranayama. You can practise as many rounds as you are comfortable.


  • Improves the focus.
  • This helps to improve the positive attitude.
  • Helps to cure the asthma.
  • Regular practise can cure the respiratory problems
  • Generates the internal heat.
  • Improves the concentration
  • Reduces the stress and anxiety.
  • Improves the digestion
  • Helps to prevent the thyroid problems
  • Prevents from the heart attack risks.
  • Gives melodious and sweet voice.


People with the following problem please avoid practising this Pranayama, or practise under the expert’s supervisions and doctor’s advice.

  • Blood pressure
  • Heart related problems

Practise this Pranayamadaily, will yield the better results.

It’s good to do this Pranayamain the morning with empty stomach.

Try to keep the breathing ratio to inhalation and exhalation 1:2

Please do not tighten your throat.