Yoga poses to improve your sexual relationship and intimacy with your partner with yoga.

Yoga is very useful kind of set of exercises that is very capable of bringing joy back in your married life. It has all the poses that can help you revitalize your sexual life with regular practice its poses. Below are the poses of yoga that can help you regain the lost happiness of your married life.

Poses to revitalize your sexual life

Here are some yoga poses that will help you enhance your sexual relationship with your partner and your intimacy with each other

1. CAT & COW

This is fantastic position to strengthen your Kegel muscles. This is the set of muscles that play vital role during orgasm.


This is a good yoga pose if you are low on libido as it will make you stretch your inner thighs and will let you open your hips for broader range of movement. It will improve the flow of your blood in the pelvic area instantly. The upturn of your blood flow is connected to the level of your arousal.


This yoga pose has the same benefit and impact as of the Butterfly pose; so as a very resilient suggestion, constantly practice both of these poses.


This is one of the fantastic ways to open up your hips. It deliberately slows down your mind and relaxes state. This pose brings you and your partner sexually closer than ever.


This is one of the sexiest yoga stances. This pose flows your blood through your cervix to intensifies your sexual sensitivity once you let yourself go off this pose.


This yoga pose opens up your heart chakra to increase your energy especially for memorable sex with your partner.


This yoga poses tones up your vagina for enhanced orgasm. Bridge and Kegel are alike when you squeeze your pelvic muscles.


This yoga pose directly streams blood to your hips for invigoration of your body to allow you to see your hips and vagina. It increases your sexual sensitivity. Sometimes it can be highly addictive.


This lying yoga pose relaxes you and makes you feel more sensual than ever.


This yoga pose zeroes in on increasing blood flow in your groins to aware about every tingling sensation of your body.


This yoga pose concentrates on the blood circulation of your pelvic part which is good for your orgasm.


Child’s pose relaxes your mind and body especially after a difficult day. It lowers your stress level and enable you to focus on your partner.

13. LOTUS Position

Lotus position stimulates flexibility within your hip and thigh muscles which is the epicenter of most of the erotic positions.


Goddess pose is good at neutralizing menstrual blood flow which is very painful for a lot of women. This stance helps you awake the inner goddess hidden inside you which makes you feel like a goddess.


This fundamental yoga pose makes comfortable if you practice yoga on a regular basis. Also this kind of position brings so much joy when your partner sees or touches you.


This pose is also known as the Happy Husband. This posture will let you open everything including your hips. Your partner will love to see what is being offered in this pose.


This pose does not only stretch your body, but is also very captivating sexual pose for your partner. In this way partner is able to enter you from behind. You can try this either with your legs apart or closed together.


This yoga position can be very intensive and sexually pleasurable. It helps your breathe properly for longer intimacy with your partner.


This position is incredible for deeper penetration into your partner for satisfaction.


Shoulder stand hits your G-spots and let you cherish eye contact with your partner.

21. TREE

This is great for standing sex positions or when you and your partner are taking shower. This is a very intimate position wherein your bodies will be close to each other.


This is one of the boldest positions you and your partner can try. This position needs a lot of physical strength. Either of you can be on the top.

The second part of this book it will teach the art of improving not only your sexual relationship with your life partner but also your health by reducing weight with the help of yoga.